My name is Satvir and I am a US citizen. I recently got divorced and during the separation process, I had posted my profile on an indian matrimony site and I got in touch with Ruchita who lives in india and is also divorced I started talking to Ruchita on 12/14/12 and made a trip to India on March 19th 2013 to meet her. We both liked each other and want to get married. Ruchita already has a tourist visa to US and is planning a trip to US next month for 3 weeks. 1. Should we get married when she is in US and then she returns to India and then I file for K3 Visa? 2. Or Should I file I-129F after she returns back to India after her trip here or can I file for it while she is here? Please let me know what is the best course of action.

User's Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States of America

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