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I have currently a J1 visa, research scholar, and applying for an adjustment of status in the immediate family category. From 2016-2019, my J1 was funded by the US government = SUBJECTED to the two years HRR. In 2019 I transferred to a different J1 sponsor, keeping the same SEVIS number (NOT SUBJECTED to the two years HRR - no government funding, my country is not on the skills list, not received any medical training). Since there was previously involved government funding I applied for a waiver in 2020. I was granted a waiver by DOS and USCIS. In the waiver application, I reflected that I had two sponsors and explained the source of funding for each of them. My questions are: (1) Does the waiver cover both programs since both programs were involved in the waiver application? (2) Do you think that this waiver is clear evidence for USCIS that I am eligible to adjust my status and I am free from the two years HRR? (3) Or does this waiver only applies to the sponsor with government funding and I should request an Advisory opinion for my second program to have proof that I am not subjected under that program in case that USCIS will send RFE regarding that? Thank you very much!

User's Location: Silver Spring, Alabama, United States of America

Category: J1 Visa (Student Visa)