Hi! I am currently on a J-1 visa and my sponsor gave me 2 options: 1) to go back to my host company which opened 1 wk ago 2) to shorten my program (which will end with an earlier date) and give me 30 days to travel around US. My visa will expire on 4th or September 2020. But before this happen, I am planning to apply a tourist visa extension. Will I still be able to apply for an extension if I shorten my program because of the continues rise of covid-19 cases here in SF? Or will my visa status change/end once I shorten my program and not be able to apply for a tourist extension? Or can I apply for an extension now before they shorten my program? Thank you & have a good one.

User's Location: San Francisco, Alabama, United States of America

Category: J1 Visa (Student Visa)