I was on J-2 visa with EAD. Never been back to home country since last 6 years after coming to USA! I was in residency training for one and half years. I stopped my training 15 days back as my visa changed from J-2 to H-4. My husband changed to H-1 after receiving J-1 waiver. Now I am going back for J-1 visa stamping. Form DS-160 asks about previous employment? Should I write my Residency Training as previous employment as I was getting a stipend or it does not count as previous employment as it is residency TRAINING and I think it's education. Please do advise. Since my husband is on H-1 now and I have US born Citizen daughter, how do I show my non-immigration intents? Any successful conversions of J-2 to J-1 or H-4 to J-1 previously? Any advise for Visa interview in my situation?

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Category: J1 Visa (Student Visa)