I plan to submit my H1B extension application for a three-year period in February 2024. Simultaneously, my wife and younger daughter will be filing I-539 and I-539A, respectively. In March 2025, my elder daughter, a U.S. citizen, intends to file a family-based green card application for my wife (her mother). 1. In the event my wife obtains her green card by early 2026, I am curious if my younger daughter will maintain her H4 status, given that she filed I-539A to extend her H4. Alternatively, should we consider filing I-539 for both of them for their upcoming extension, as her mother is expected to obtain the green card before their new H4 expiration date, tentatively set for February 2027? 2. If my H1B employer refuses to file I-539 for both my wife and younger daughter, what alternatives do I have? Is it a viable option for my wife, with her green card and younger daughter to travel to India and re-enter the U.S. so that my younger daughter can secure her H4 status based on my H1B petition? Note that my elder daughter is going to file GC only for her mother now. Once she gets GC she will file for me and my younger daughter as a derivative.

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Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)