I have a offer from a new company B, currently I am on H1b with approved EAD/AP and priority date of 12 Dec,2013 1) The new company B is starting my H1b application, but I am also expecting another offer from company 'C'. Can I choose to not join company B. and join company C instead even if the H1b application from B is approved. 2) Since I have my 485 pending, I would need to file for 485J. The new company says it will file for 485J after i join the company. is that a common practice and is there any problem that I should anticipate. is there a time limit before which the company 'B' should file the i485J 3) If company B's 485J is denied for some reason or if they don't file a 485J. Can I look for another job outside and have them file my 485J. 3a) what happens If my date becomes current and my 485J is denied or not filed before the date becomes current.

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Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)