Hi, I have got a new job in the same city, but after 1 month after the termination of the previous job. Therefore, I submitted for H4-EAD application through my husband's H1B. Now, the new employer is giving me a choice to file H1B for me. Can I file the H1B simultaneously while the H4-EAD application is still in process, or do I need to retract the H4-EAD application (i.e., only one application allowed at a time)? Secondly, what happens after H1B gets approved, and then the H4-EAD gets approved after that? Currently, the average wait time for the California center is 3.8 months, while 1.5 months have already passed since my application submission. The H1B premium processing application may take around 1 month.

User's Location: Overland Park, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)