I am currently on h1b visa. I lost my job last week which triggered the 60-day grace period for me to look for a new job. My husband is also on h1b visa and has the i140 approved. Considering I have the option to go on h4+EAD, please provide clarification on the following scenario- I am applying for h4+EAD now (as it takes several months to come through) and in parallel keep on looking for a job during my 60-day grace period. Supposing if I secure a new job before the grace period ends, my new employer files an h1b petition for me while the h4+EAD is still in progress; would the h1b petition automatically get precedence over the previously filed h4+EAD application or do I have to do something specifically for it happen if from my side.

User's Location: Abington, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)