Hello, I am concurrently filing H1, H4 and EAD applications.. On EAD renewal application (I765) question#29, for (C)(26) category, it asks for H1-B Spouse's most recent receipt notice, can we left this blank or handwrite concurrent since its filed concurrently with H1 or should we write previous receipt notice number? Also on I539, Q14 about has the person been employed in US since last extension, my wife is a seasonal hourly paid employee where she was working about 40 hours per week for few months and then since its off season right now, there is no income (although she remains on the roll for next season), how should she exactly respond to this question? Does support from H1B for no income period should be mentioned there?

User's Location: Hartford, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)