1)  My L1B was stamped in Aug 2022 with employer A. My H1B petition also got approved in Oct 2022 with employer B. Employer B did not share the copy of H1B approval notice to me. He shared only the H1B receipt notice with me. So I did not go for H1B visa stamping. I moved to the USA in Apr 2023 with L1B visa ,with employer A. 2) Now, I want to move to H1B status. But I don't want to go with employer B who filed my H1B. I want to find a new employer C and do my "H1B transfer" or "cap exempt H1B filing". 3) I was trying to get a copy of my H1B approval notice via  FOIA, But they replied that my record was not found in the Person Centric Identity Services database. Why could they not find my details?  Is it because I did not stamp my H1B? Is there any other way to get the copy of my H1B approval notice? 4) Now , Only with a Receipt number, without moving to H1B status, without working for the original employer B who filed my H1B,  Is it possible to do the H1B transfer with new employer C?  Legally is it allowed?  Will I get any RFE?  What are all the documents needed for the transfer petition? 5) What is the best way to use my approved H1B without joining the original employer?

User's Location: Canton, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)