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Currently working for company A in Taiwan. My H1B got picked and approved from company B in this year. I spent 5 years in US on L1 with company A from 2017-2022 March and I also have valid I-140 from company A. I returned to Taiwan as 5 year limit got finished on L1 visa in this year march. Following are my questions: Whether I can apply H1 transfer ASAP? In case if I am good to apply transfer, Is it better to get H1 approved from company B to go for visa stamp and then transfer it to A company or get it transfer and go for stamp after transfer completed? Also, if it's case A of above, will there be any problem if employer B revokes H1B after stamping but before employer A starts H1B transfer process? Please advice.

User's Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)