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I was laid off by a company on October 11th. I'll join a consulting company (A) which will file my H1B within 60 days to maintain my status. My question is how soon can i transfer to a full time position after joining A? What could be the possible limitations which I need to consider? As I have always worked with full - time employers, please guide me on any specific terms I should be checking prior to signing the contract with company A. Also if I need to go back to India within 60 days, and a H1B petition is approved here - do i need to go for visa stamping? I have I-140 approved and H1B visa is approved until July 2024. What happens if I travel to India after the transfer, do I still have to go for stamping?

User's Location: Westbury, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)