Hello, I was filling my DS 160 for my H1B Dropoff appointment and one of my previous work experience dates collides with I94 exit and entry date. This is because a week after staring my role at the previous company I had to fly back to India for medical reasons. I couldn't continue working there because my health would allow it. Technically I was employed with the company from July 15 2019 to Jan 24 2020 but I left the country on company approved unpaid time off on July 28th 2019. I flew back to the US in FEB 2020 have been working since. Also, all this happened when I was on my STEM OPT. My question is do I have to mention the company approved unpaid time off in my DS 160 as it is one of my previous work experience (Job duties seems like the only appropriate place)? Just wanted to check the best approach here. Also, I have all the documents required to show proof or employment, unpaid timeoff and health records. Best Regards,

User's Location: Bangalore, Alabama, India

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)