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My Name is John, and I am currently on F1-Student Visa (12 Months OPT), I came to study master’s in computer science to USA in last year (January 2021). I started my CPT Period with Employer A in my last semester of master’s degree. I completed my masters in May 2022. My 12 Month OPT period started from May 2022 with the same Employer A. During my CPT, Employer A filed for my H1B for the year fiscal year 2022. I got a second Job offer from Employer B with start date September 8, 2022. I checked with my university in doing two jobs at the same time. University allowed me to add my second employer to my OPT as its is allowed by USCIS for F1 Student on OPT. My Employer A is not aware that I was working for Employer B., but Employer B is aware of my Employer A and H1B situation. My H1B also got approved with my Employer A with start date from October 1, 2022. And I notified my Employer B that my last day of working will be September 30, 2022, as I am required to be working only for 1 employer on H1B which is Employer A. Employer B is willing to transfer my H1B to them after my H1B starts with my Employer A. I would like to transfer my H1B to Employer B as I have a better Opportunity

User's Location: Memphis, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)