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Hi, I had an L-1 visa (for 2,5 years), then I worked on an H-1B visa (for almost 3 years). I lost my job being on H1B and decided to change my visa to L-1 dependent. I went abroad and activated this L-1 dependent visa. I returned to the USA (on L-1 dependent). After couple of month, we decided to divorce and I left country (October-2019). Recently, I found that being previously worked on the H1B for 6 years and being out of the US for more than one year but less than six years, I can be a subject to the cap, which has the advantage of making me eligible for a fresh six-year period for H1B. I just want to understand if it is true information and I can try to find a sponsor H1B job in USA again and to be able to come back. Thank you in advance!

User's Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)