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Hi, My H1B transfer to company B just got approved and I am serving 2 week notice with company A. 1) My family has H4 stamping dropbox appointment in couple of days but the approved I-797(3 years validity) copy not yet received from the USCIS. New company Attorney said that we can provide them the approval email(from as a proof of approval if approved I-797 copy not yet received, My joining date is after their dropbox appointment date. Can we proceed with the email copy? OR 2) Can we go stamping on company A (it also has validity until 2025). Will the new company's h1 approval will overwrites the company A's H1B status soon after h1 transfer approval? Which company's I-797 would you suggest to go with at this time?

User's Location: Charlotte, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)