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Hello Sir/Ma'am, I had my H1-B petition approved from Oct 2017 - Sept 2020 I did not initiate green card process during these 3 years or even apply for H1-B extension as had plans to get Canadian PR I left my job and left US in May 2020 to move to Canada. I would like to do the following:- Early 2023 I would like to get a job in bordering city to where I live like Seattle. So, basically earn in US and live in Canada Question: If I want to make use of H1-B cap exempt provision {previous H1-B person now staying outside the country for less than 6 years can recapture remaining 3 years it seems in my case} how to go about? Should I just attend job interview and once I get an offer, ask them to file for H1-B renewal or H1-B extension or a new H1-B cap exempt? Is the starting date of this employment any time start or start in October of that year only. {currently I have a B1/B2 visa} Thank you

User's Location: vancouver, Canada

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)