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Hello, I have studied Masters in USA and worked for a US employer 'A' for 5 years. I also had H1B with this company and had stamping done in 2019. In 2022 Feb I changed my employer 'B' and started working for them. In March, due to family emergency I had to come to India and got stuck here for 3 months as my visa expired and got stamping appointment for September 22. Due to this, I am going to lose job with employer 'B'. Knowing this, my previous employer 'A' offered me job position and visa transfer (which will be approved before my stamping date). But they will only give me future start date (OCT 1), or when I travel to USA with stamping done. Now my questions are, 1) In DS-160, what do I fill in present employer section and start date? it is not taking future date. also, what do I fill in the monthly payment option? I will only get paid after starting my work. It also has check box that says (if employed) 2) How Long can I stay unemployed while in India, as I am going to lose my job with current emp soon. 3) My current employer has a branch in India, if he agrees, can I take salary in Indian currency for 3 months and go for stamping? do they need to file amendment to pay here

User's Location: Hyderabad, India

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)