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Backgrnd:My wife(based in India) applied for H1B in 2021 thru an employer in USA named softiva Corp.H1B was picked in lottery & application was approved on 3rd Sept 2021, valid from 1st Oct 2021 to 30th Sept 2024.She has travelled to USA 7 times on B1/B2(for work purposes) & has qualified for drop box stamping in Jan 2022.She was invited for in-person interview on 3rd Feb 2022 & was given 221-g White Slip.No further update on the case after 25th Feb'22. I (candidate's husband) hold a H1B valid till June'23.I do not have I-140 yet.Our goal is to help my wife travel to USA ASAP & then work in USA.We plan to get a H4,assuming its the best option for travelling.My wife also has a valid B1/B2 until Feb'23. **Query1:Plz share ur thots on our plan for travel.** After coming to USA,my wife would like to work.Her H1B is approved will Sept'24(as per I797B).What are our options to use the existing approved petition & get her a work status. **Query2:After travelling to usa,can we find a new employer & transfer her H1B.In that case, can she travel on H4(or B1/B2) & apply for H1 transfer later when in usa & followed by COS maybe? (OR) Suggest better options to get work permit in this case.

User's Location: Three Bridges, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)