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My priority date is February 13, 2015 with EB-2 classification for India My company filed my H1-B petition from Chatsworth, CA Also, Company is okay with me relocating to Austin, TX and becoming a remote employee after the pandemic I wanted to consider the implications of moving to Austin, TX at this point Will my GC processing time be significantly impacted (Filing from Texas Service center)? Would it be worthwhile? Or would it be better to wait? Are there any risks? If I make a move to Austin during my GC Process, such as when I get an AOS/EAD, can I do that? How will it affect my GC Process? Is this a better option than moving now? Also, can we expect I can get my green card in 3 years (Relocating to Austin/staying in Los Angeles), I recently got my H1-B approved and the validity is till Feb/2025 Would appreciate any guidance you might be able to offer in this regard in a consultation

User's Location: RESEDA, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)