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Hello, My wife's H-4 is valid till 04/28/2022 with her visa stamp already expired last year. We filed for her H-4 extension along with my H-1B extension couple months ago. My H-1 got approved in premium processing with a validity date till December, 2024. Her H-4 and EAD extensions are still in process. With the USCIS adjudication delays, we were wondering is she can make a quick trip to Canada and come back using Automatic Visa revalidation (since her H-4 I-797 is valid till 04/28/2022), but request for a new I-94 based on my H-1B extended I-94 till Dec, 2024. I want to understand if this is an option at all or if we definitely need to get a new stamping based on my I-797 before she can enter United States. Bottomline is we are wondering how to expediently extend her H-4 status so she can continue to work on her EAD based on her new I-94 and pending EAD application. Thank you!

User's Location: Sacramento, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)