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Background: I am currently in the USA with "Company A" on an L1B visa. L1B stamping on passport expired on 6/6/21. Recently L1B extension got approved with new i-94 attached (I-797A) and is valid till 06/06/2023. In Aug 2021, an H1B petition with the same "Company A" was approved under Consular notification (I-797B) and valid till 07/11/2024. "Company A" is not willing to do a COS from L1B to H1B until Mar 2023, but I want to convert to H1B status asap. 1. Can another "Company B" file a new cap exempt H1B petition for me? (Transfer H1b and then file for COS) 2. If yes, once the new petition is approved, can I start working immediately or will I need to exit the US and get my passport stamped before I can start working? 3. Does the fact that I do not have a valid stamping on my passport (I have a valid i-94 based on recent L1B extension approval) matter in this situation? 4. If I do have to exit the US and get my passport stamped, should I get it stamped in my home country (India) or can I get it done in Canada/Mexico? This will be the first time I will be getting my H1B stamped on my passport. Please let me know if any additional details are required to address my query.

User's Location: Redmond, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)