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Hi, I recently joined the employer A with approved petition (transferred from employer B). In April 2021,my dependents got H4 visa (from India) with my previous employer B,and it valid upto March'2024 and currently my dependents are in India and they willing to travel with my previous employer H4 Stamped by this month. But my previous employer stated that they already sent the request to USCIS to revoke my previous employer H1 petition because I resigned and joined employer A last month. My dependents are planning to travel with h4 visa stamping (got from previous employer B) and showing my new employer A petition in the Port of Entry (POE) to enter to the USA. My questions: 1) Is revoking the visa, will create any impact for dependents travelling to USA this month? (or) they legal to allow to their valid visa? 2) Do I need to get my dependent H4 visa again for my h4 dependents with new employer A because of my previous H1 visa revocation? 3) How long it will take the USCIS revoke my previous H1 petition?

User's Location: OFALLON, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)