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Question 1 I am on STEM OPT which ends in Feb 2022. I work for Company A and I filed for my H1B From Company A and Company B. My H1B application is picked for company B and not A. Company B says that they have to generate payroll in order to file my petition and hence have to join them or continue working for company A but on payroll of company B. I want to confirm with you if company B has to generate payroll as they claim or is it ok if I submit my paystubs from company A which I got during my STEM OPT. Question 2 Assuming company B agrees to file my petition with my documents from company A and my application is approved before Oct 1, Can I initiate a H1B transfer before Oct 1? If yes, then does company B needs to know that I am initiating a H1B transfer and can they stop the transfer? Question 3 Am I allowed to transfer my H1B to some other company (or company A before Oct 1) without any payroll information since technically I am not an employee of company B.

User's Location: Harrison, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)