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I have been on H1B for 7+ years. My current H1B expires in 2023. I got my I140 approved last year via EB2 route. I am Indian-born which means that the wait is long. I am single (never married) with no kids. I did a PhD in the US and have been here for 12+ years. I am having a lot of mental health issues due to my job and I am afraid that I might get fired. Given my health problems, it has been very difficult to find another job. I have used most of my medical leave already (my manager forced me to use it). Someone told me that if I get fired or am forced to quit, then I can go back to India, lose my current H1B status, and then apply for another job in the US. If another US company is willing to sponsor my visa, then I can return to the US and a new job without having to go through H1B lottery again. Is this true ? If I am forced to return to India, will my I140 become invalid? If I do get an offer from another US company while I am in India, will I have to go through H1B lottery again? If yes, and I am able to get through the H1B lottery, then can I retain my priority date from my I140?

User's Location: San Francisco, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)