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I have got a family emergency as my mom has got a brain stroke and will be planned to get operated next week. The urgent question I have is that I recently got my GC EAD with AP which is valid till 2/18/2022. Other Information: My petition is on EB3 and PD at Mar -2011. H1B Visa – I797 9/24/2019 to 4/13/2022 My Spouse is on H4EAD and not got GC EAD yet. I have a valid H1B and my spouse is on H4-EAD but not working. Her GC EAD receipt is available as initial petition had a field issue hence we had to reapply and got delayed. She does not have a biometric request yet and awaiting a date. Questions: 1. If I travel alone with no stamping should I be able to enter United States at the Airport using GC EAD AP with no change of status on my H1B and continue as is and not impacting my spouse status? Not moving out of H1B? 2. Do I need to go for stamping and am I eligible for dropbox? then what is the option here? What is the timeframe? As you understand this question is urgent for me. Please let me know your response at the earliest. Thanks, Shailesh RAi

User's Location: Vernon Hills, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)