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Hi, I am on H1B and recently got extension till Dec 2022. My employer applied for my I-140 and my PERM got approved(after being selected for audit and wasted almost one year). My fifth year for H1B expired on Aug 2019 and by adding all the outside of country visit i got extension for 6th year till December 2021. In addition to that i got an additional year of extension because of my PERM being approved and it was filed in 2018. So my sixth year is actually completing on Dec 2021. Now i want to change job, i know PERM and I140 process will have to start again if employer is changed , so couple of questions :- 1) Will changing job also cancel the extra the year i got on the basis of PERM ? 2) Can i change job knowing i have two years on my H1B petition so there will be ample amount of time to file PERM/I140 with new employer ?

User's Location: Alpharetta, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)