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Hi, I got a J2 (DS-2019) visa for the stay from 01/25/16  to 01/24/21. My husband changed his visa type to H1B on Oct 1, 2020. I did not apply for H4/I539 in 2020.  My employer filed H1B premium processing in Jan 2021 and received RFE to prove that I am in status while filing for I-120.  We sent a response to USCIS and asked for consular processing to the COS. I received the H1B approval on 02/12 and appeared for the interview at the consulate on 02/13. The visa officer gave me the 221g green slip and asked me to email the documents listed in that slip to DOS. I emailed the documents for my H1B visa on  02/15. I do not know how much this takes to get the decision from DOS. I filed I-539 online on 01/25/21 and left the U.S. on 02/08/21.  This is as per suggestion that I got from you at I received a request to appear for the biometric appointment for my I-539 in the US on 03/13.  What should I do now? What are the options available for me?  Thank you.

User's Location: Laramie, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)