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FTE with an employer has no direct presence outside US, have vendor offshore support from India. VISA Max Out - 05/15/21 recaptured PERM Filled - 10/22/20 (Current processing time is almost 7 months - if it continues in the same pace, worst case it might get approved by late May) what are my options on -PERM / Labor -Rejection ?? what are the next steps, should be refilled or is there any procedure to follow. -Audit ?? How to handle Rejection on Audit -If Approved -after max out, what is my work authorization status, Am I legal to continue my work for the same client from outside US (remote - India) until I return with current stamping (if +ve), (Eg. move out earliest & submit a H1 Extn close to maxout date, to recapture the days left, while I wait for PERM, i140 & H1BExt (based on i140) both on premium, to maintain my work authorization). Considering this situation to stay employed, until a decision is reached. If this isnt possible, what are my options/employment status while I wait for the paper works to be approved, until I return. Looking for answers with I140/H1B Extn with above scenario (through RFE), Reaching LawBench, due to lack of communication from attorney.

User's Location: Columbus, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)