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I filed H1B(PP),H4 and H4 EAD on Jan 11th 2021 and got the H1B approved within a week. Looking at the current delay in processing, I'm considering the following options: Option 1: 1. Get consular appointment for H1 and H4 (dropbox eligible. Already filed DS-160 and verified). Option 2: 1. Biometrics is the taking the maximum time these days and my spouse has an ASC biometrics appointment on 25th Feb for Canadian visa. We are thinking, we can request the biometrics staff to take biometrics for our H4 case as well. My Option 1 and 2 are not exclusive and I'm trying to see if I get lucky at the ASC during my Canada biometrics and if not I will go to consular appointment for H1B and H4 stamping. My goal here is to not to have any gaps in H4 employment(EAD expires July 5th) My questions are: 1. Will my H4 EAD application be abandoned if I travel outside US as I-94 number will change? 2. If Yes, should I apply for new H4 EAD after I return? 3. Follow up for #2. I assume this time, we won't need the biometrics as H4 is already approved. Is this a right assumption?

User's Location: Seattle, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)