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Here is my case situation, I recently transferred my h1 b visa to one of staffing company (got visa approved till 2023) , upon getting new client project , after 3 months unfortunately that client project ended due budget issues. now the employer is going to withdraw my h1B petition as I am not under any project . other side my previous employer did not revoke my h1b petition (have validity till 2022) , i got another client project with old employer . then old employer filed h1B transfer again , got RFE. not sure about RFE details yet . since my old h1B not revoked , have i94 validity till 2022. in this scenario in case of any unexpected denial happen to this h1B transfer , am i loose status ? or i can use old h1B petition. Please advise

User's Location: Lexington, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)