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1) My i-94 that was issued to me by the CBP at SFO airport in Jan of 2020, expired on November 15th of 2020. This was because my then passport expired in November and the CBP went by the passport expiration date. (This was issued to me when i entered US last year from NewZealand) 2) I have a valid 797 from Levis valid until March 2022 3) I have a valid H1b stamped on my passport that is valid until March 2022 4) I am on Levis' payroll until Jan 31st 2021 5) I got a job with another firm and they are about to file for my h1b transfer. (They have filed for a petition) 6) My current company (Levis) has not filed for any extension or amendment to rectify the i-94 date. 7) Since i have stayed in the US beyond November 15th 2020 (the date mentioned on the i-94) and my h1b transfer is going on now with my new company what can be some issues that can arise due to this ? What are some suggestions he can provide to me for this case ?

User's Location: san ramon, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)