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I quit my job with employer A on H1B on 10/02/2020. My husband's company filed for my H4 change of status on 9/16/2020 and currently pending approval. On 1/4/2021, I have received a job offer from employer B who is ready to sponsor H1B premium processing. We were told by husband's employer's attorneys that when employer B files the new H1B petition, they need to submit a form to withdraw the H4 change of status petition. Once the new H1B petition is approved, I can start work with employer B. 1. Are the husband's employer's attorneys correct? If yes, after H1B is approved, can I start work without exiting/entering the country? 2. Since H4 COS is not approved yet, do we need to apply new H1B as Consular process, which requires exiting/entering the US? Note: I have currently used only 2 years of my H1B quota (originally approved Dec 2016). I have the H4 COS receipt number. Biometric appointment is not scheduled yet.

User's Location: Seattle, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)