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My wife had H4 and H4EAD with my company A with approval dates from 08-FEB-2018 to 21-JAN-2020. She was working on H4EAD and applied COS H4 to H1 with company C on 21-Aug-2019. I moved from A to B Company applied my H1 transfer and her H4 also on 19-Nov-2019. On 04-Dec-2019 (Notice date), my wife's H1B approved and got the approval dates from 03-Dec-2019 to 30-Jun-2020. Her employment ended with company C on 07-FEB-2020 and applied again COS H1 to H4 with Company B on 24-FEB-2020. On 25-Mar-2020 (notice date) , We received her H4 approval which was applied along with H1B transfer from A to B company and got approval dates from 19-Nov-2019 to 22-Oct-2022. On 28-Dec-2020 (Notice date), we received approval notices for COS H1 to H4 applied with Company B on 24-FEB-2020 and got approval dates from 28-Dec-2020 and 22-Oct-2022.Eventhough we applied on 24-FEB-2020, not sure how we received approval from date as 28-Dec-2020. What is her status from 24-FEB-2020 to 28-DEC-2020? Is she out-of-status during this period 24-FEB-2020 to 28-DEC-2020? If so how we can request USCIS to correct approval from date 28-Dec-2020 to 24-Feb-2020?

User's Location: Frisco, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)