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I just got my H1B visa approval notice, this is the first time my H1B was picked. I am going to India in February , I filled my DS160 and trying to get an appointment in March, I see dates available for March but not able to book. It always shows no appointments available. I am also getting married in the second week of February, is there any way if I can book emergency appointment after getting married and citing family separation as the reason, here my wife does not have a US visa, and I am trying to get her H4 visa appointment same day as my H1B appointment. Will I be able to get H1B and H4 appointment under emergency? Also, what is the procedure? I am not able to see any emergency appointments option under my login (CGI federal) am I missing something?

User's Location: San Diego, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)