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Hi, I am on H1B and currently in the USA. I have Two I-94 dates issued by USCIS and I am confused as to which one to consider for my legal stay. My two I-94 dates were issued from my two I-797A, the first I-94 date(08 Jan, 2021) was issued on H1B Extension approval(Filing date was 19 Sept, 2018) and the second I-94 date(01 Sept, 2021) was issued on my H1B Amendment approval(Filing date was 13 Feb, 2019 - it was filed while my above H1B Extn decision was pending). I would like to know which one is my actual I-94 date to consider as per "The Last Action Rule" ? Given the below dates (Filing Date, Approval Date and I-94 Date) of my both I-797A approval notices. Request you to please look at the dates carefully and advise. H1B Extension I-797A: "Filing Date" : 19 Sept, 2018 -----> Filing Date of H1B Extension "Approval Date" : 07 June, 2019 ------> Decision/Action date from USCIS "I-94 Date" : 08 Jan, 2021 H1B Amendment I-797A: "Filing Date" : 13 Feb, 2019 -----> Filing Date of H1B Amendment(filed after H1B Extn was filed) "Approval Date" : 12 April, 2019 ------> Decision/Action date from USCIS "I-94 Date" : 01 Sept, 2021 Please reply.

User's Location: Philadelphia, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)