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Has been staying in US since 2007 on H1. Maintained status well till 2020. In 2020 Feb 27 went to India and stayed for less than six months. Came back to US on Aug 23rd. GC priority date is Nov 2012. Planning to go to India and work there for six months. Employer agreed to work from India. Question --- Can I vacate my apartment while I am out of US or do I need to maintain proof of lease and not vacate apartment??? I may go for more than six months due to covid situation. In my last post I got answers that I can extend my stay. Looks like 2012 dates EB2 might get current in next year. Can I come back when dates are current and file GC? Employer HR suggested to not go for more than 180 days. thank you

User's Location: Torrance, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)