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My H1-B extension with employer-B was denied (Sep-25-2020) with reason "I-140 is in revoked status". Background: -- I-140 was approved with employer-A (Mar-2016) -- served employer-A for 360days - left employer-A (Mar-2017) -- transferred and extended to employer-B until (Oct-2020) ; -- Employer-A revoked my I-140 on (Feb-2018). -- Employer-B, filed 2nd H1-B extension (California. July-2020-Regular) -- Never initiated new I-140 process with employer-B -- H1-B extension from employer-B was DENIED with reason I-140 was revoked. Situation: -- my current H1-B expires in 2 weeks (Oct-12) -- never imagined, I would be in the situation, have lot of tie-ups (car, lease, loans etc) Question: -- what are options/recommendations? -- will I have options to extend my stay short and long term? -- at worst case scenario, if I have to go back to India, what are ways get back to US?

User's Location: Brandon, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)