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Hello, I was laid off from my current position on July 17th, with my last pay period being the 2nd half of July. My H-1B petition and I-94 are valid till 2022, and I have a stamped, valid visa. The 60 day grace period post layoff is ending soon. However I do not yet have a confirmed offer of new employment, but am expecting to get one by September end. After that, my new employer will file my H-1B petition. To maintain my status in the US, I believe I must now switch to H-4. First, is this my only option? Second, assuming my H-4 is filed, and while the application is being processed, a new H-1B petition is filed, will I then be able to start work with the H-1B receipt notice, or do I wait for approval? Lastly, assuming the H-1B petition is approved and my H-4 is still in process, what are my options then? Should I withdraw my H-4 application and is that even possible to do so? I do not want to travel out of the country unless necessary. Am trying to understand what steps are needed to maintain my legal status and allow me to resume working at the earliest opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration.

User's Location: HERNDON, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)