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Hi... I was in US from 2011 Jan to 2020 Jan on H1B and moved back to India on 29th Jan 2020. Originally, my H1B was with Company-A and moved to a startup (Company-B) in July 2019 till 10th Jan 2020. After 10th Jan 2020 to 29th Jan 2020 before moving back to India, I was not on any job but spent the time to wind down before leaving US. After I left the US, 11th Feb 2020, USICS came for checking to Company-B office (Startup) and CEO of Company-B explained that I had moved back to India due to personal emergency. Recently, got NOID for having the following reasons. 1) Inconsistency in salary. The company-B had filed for $120K but my paychecks show only ~101K. 2) When USICS visited office (Feb 11th, 2020), I was not at office. So, they could determine if still work there or not. Pls note, I Actually moved back to India on Jan 29th 2020. My Questions. A) Should i respond to the NOID or the company-B should respond?. B) Will this NOID affect my future H1B?

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)