Hi, I am in OFallon, US. My H1 Petition, Visa, I94 with Employer A expired on 9 Jan 2020. I applied for H1 Extension with Employer A on Dec 05, 2019. It got denied on July 1, 2020. Upto July 11, 2020 my attorney has not received the denial notice documents. I am continuing to work for Employer A till I get the denial documents. I have another H1 transfer Petition with Employer B which is approved from Sep 18,2019 till feb 28, 2022. Question 1) Can I work for Employer B without travelling back to India as my H1 extension petition with Employer A is denied.Question 2) Can I use the H1 transfer approval with Employer B as a base petition to apply H1 transfer to Employer C and continue to work for Employer C with H1 transfer receipt without travelling back to my home country, India. Question 3) After my attorney receives the H1 Extension denial document with Employer A(and also if I cannot work for Employer B or C), how long can I stay legally in US if there is delay in getting flight tickets

User's Location: ofallon, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)