Indu, I have valid H1B until December 2020. My spouse is working on H4 EAD and is valid until December 2020 My employer filed amendment and extension for the same client having location change. H4 extension was also filed with H1B extension. I got RFE for Speciality occupation. 1. In case my amendment and extension gets denied after RFE response, what will happen to my original petition ? Will it be still valid until November 10th? Can I still work old location. Client is same. 2. if amendement and extension gets denied , can my employer file extension again for same client as I94 is still valid ? 3. What will happen to spouse existing H4 and EAD once my amendement petition gets denied? Can she still work on existing EAD card. 4.Another employer B is ready for H1B transfer. Can I file for H1B transfer to employer B, if Employer A amendment and extension is in RFE and response is not filed yet? 5. Will the existing RFE with Employer A, cause issue for H1B transfer with Employer B? 6. Will USCIS check previous case status for the new H1B transfers? Please help with details.

User's Location: FORTWAYNE, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)