I have my h1b petition approved till 2022 but might be laid off due to covid-19 impact. My VISA stamping stands expired. My wife is on F1 visa with OPT extension expiring next year but she recently got approved H1B valid from oct 1st 2020. I want to stay in usa on dependent visa with her. Should I first apply for COS to F2 and then in September another COS to H4? I am not sure If I ll get a decision on COS to F2 within 1-2 months and if I can apply for COS to H4 with F2 COS pending but with receipt notice. If I loose job its gonna happen in next 1 week. OR..... should I try to stretch my job till end of Aug first week and then apply for COS to H4 directly? This way I would be staying for less than 60 days of grace period post H1b out of status

User's Location: burbank, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)