I am Siddardh and currently based out of Hyderabad, India, and holding H1B VISA which is valid till 30th September 2020. I am unable to travel to states due to COVID issues and international travel ban in India, My employer told me if I am not traveling to states on or before August 2020 he said he won't be able to apply for an extension as I am not in states or not even traveled once to states. But I am under the assumption that even if the VISA is expired we can file extension whenever we are ready with the same client or new client. My question is 1) is this true that I cannot apply for an extension(same/new client) if the VISA is expired and I have not traveled to the states at least once? should I have to undergo the H1b lottery process again? 2) if the above statement is correct what possibilities I have with this visa extension in case I cannot travel this year or the international travel ban is still on the entire year in India?

User's Location: Hyderabad, India

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)