Hi, Myself Vijay, I have a question regarding my H1B extension filing. I am working for Company 'A' and my H1B VISA is expiring on JUN 30 2020 (I94 expiry is also on same day). I have an approved I140 Petition and my company filed for an extension using I140 petition on FEB 28 2020 but I have not received any receipt from USCIS and my company filed 2nd extension petition on APR 15 2020 but even for the second application there is not update from USCIS. Finally my company filed third Petition on MAY 21 2020 after having a call with USCIS but still I have not received any update on receipt number. Below are my questions based on above issue. 1) As my VISA/I94 is expiring on JUN 30 2020, what will be my legal status after JUN 30 2020 ? 2) Is it mandatory to have H1B Extension receipt number generated by USCIS before I94 expiry to continue to stay in USA ? 3) Can I continue stay in USA and WORK using FEDEX acknowledgement as a reference for VISA filing ? 4) What are my possible options if I want to stay in USA ? Thanks, Vijay

User's Location: Santa Clara, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)