I have got two job offers from Employers A and B. Currently I am working with Employer C. A has applied H1 transfer through normal process, and I will be joining on receipt on 06/15/2020 B is planning to apply H1 transfer on premium process, which will resume on 06/22/2020. Can I allow A and B both apply for H1b transfers at the same time and choose the employer with whom my H1 transfer gets approved ? While petition from A is still pending, and if petition from B gets approved, can I resign from A and go ahead with B ? If petition from B gets rejected, will it have any effect on case from A, which will be in process ? Will this cause any immigration issues with respect to USCIS ? FYI : I am interested with B, but little unsure if the petition from B gets approved, so till then I want to hold on with employer A. Please advice, how do I go about this situation. Thank you in advance.

User's Location: Pasadena, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)