Me and my fiancé are planning to get married in June in the United States. We are both H1B visa holders. The COVID condition made us cancel our travel plans for our wedding in India. Here are the questions we have: 1. Incase either of us loses our job, how much time can we be in the US legally? 2. If necessary, can the visa type be switched to H4 while being here or does a status change need a visit to home country? 3. Is it legally allowed for a person on H4 to work if her/his spouse is on H1B? 4. How long does it take for the marriage certificate to arrive in mail? 5. Can the marriage be re-registered in India? 6. Would a name change for the bride need re-issuing of passport, driver's license before a travel? 7. Are there any legal advantages of being married (eg. tax/ health etc) that can work in our favor in these changing times?

User's Location: Mountain View, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)