Dear Sir/Madam Background: Last year I filed for Amendment to H1B and got an RFE in April 2018 on the following topics: Employer-Employee relationship & Completion of Bachelor's Or Master's Degree in Speciality Occupation. I did my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engg (India) & Master of Science in Mechatronics in Germany. my employer withdrew the amendment as my project finished & I had valid H1B. Now, I am getting ready to file my amendment & H1B Extension together, My question is will it be beneficial if I change my H1B title from Software Developer to Systems Analyst with the same employer, will this help with not getting an RFE as I did get previously. Or Should I be keeping the same title so that I won't trigger any new questions for my H1b Extension? I've been in the USA for over 12 years and 4 successful extensions. I am seeking an expert opinion - How can we handle my H1B extension not to fall into RFE in my Case. I've been working as a software developer for over 12 years but my educational background could raise a concern with the current USCIS scrutiny. Any suggestion & documentation preparation needs that could help to support my case is greatly appreciated.

User's Location: Cloumbus, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)