Hello, Good Morning. Using Company (A) I-797 which is valid until 2021, I did H1B transfer in Premium to Company (B). I joined Company (B) with the receipt copy received. But unfortunately my case went to RFE and it is still pending. I have got one more offer outside with Company (C). My question here is, can I initiate one more H1B transfer to Company (C) with Company (A) I-797 (valid until 2021) while my previous transfer was under RFE with Company (B). Will there be any Legal Issue? ((Note: I quit Company (A) and joined Company (B))) Suppose if i am eligible to do H1b transfer with Company (C) while my previous case was under RFE with Company (B), Is that mandatory to get Experience Letter from Company (B) to initiate my Green Card process. Please advice me? Suppose the case is not valid, could you please advice me with the information's on how to proceed with Company (C)? Thank you in Advance, Regards

User's Location: OFallon, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)