I got denied with HCL America on Dec 19th 2019 and I-94 over on 11/17/2019 . I was talking interviews and got a job with consultant to Facebook . Facebook - Kovarus-Matrix- Imetris Corporation . Imetris got Purchase order on 19th Dec 2019 same day i got denied and they filed LCA on 20 Dec 2019 and Usicis on 01/06/2020 (non premium) I have to Join on 21st Jan 2020 . Can i join on 21st with payroll and then do premium processing with them ? If approved will i get a I-94 or get consular processing ? Will there be a problem with getting a visa as i was accumulating unlawfull presence stay since 19 dec ?

User's Location: Los Angeles, Alabama, United States of America

Category: H1B Visa (Work Visa)